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                                              Vision Testers 

 Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

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 Titmus has set the industry standard for vision screening instruments since 1959. 

Vision Tester Model Comparison Chart


A Titmus vision tester identification page is now available to identify your Titmus vision tester. Depicted are three popular models with their manufacture date history. Vision Tester Identification

At Lipin/Dietz Associates, we recognize that occupational vision screening protocols typically  require a variety of tests in addition to acuity testing, particularly in quality control, manufacturing and DOT driver environments. These tests may include screening  for heterophorias, color perception, stereo depth perception and peripheral vision.  In fact, a number of different job standards may be  applicable within an occupational environment  and Lipin/Dietz Associates can recommend the appropriate vision tester and test slide protocol suitable for your particular needs.

For a detailed comparison of the new Titmus iSeries Vision Testers  click here.

For a complete listing of iSeries vision tester prices, click here.



Titmus VSeries  Vision Tester

The Titmus VSeries™ combines the best features of the Titmus iSeries and Model 2 vision screeners to create these ergonomically designed, precision-builf stereoscopic instruments providing precise and prompt measurement of visual performance.  The screeners are engineered for accuracy, validity, and reliability of the test results, with emphasis on convenience and ease of administration.



Titmus i400 Vision Tester

The Titmus i400 features a new ergonomic design that incorporateds the unique TITMUS Comfort™ height adjustment to easily accommodate adults and children of varying heights. It includes a versatile membrane control panel that puts complete command of the instrument at your finger tips.

Titmus i250 Vision Tester

The Titmus i250 series features:
  • Built-in membrane switches
  • TitmusComfort height adjustment ergonomics
  • Fluorscent light source
  • A soft foam head rest
  • Manual test slide advance/reverse
  • Peripheral vision testing







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