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                                              Tremetrics 3000 

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Tremetrics 3000 System

Now there's a comprehensive OSHA hearing conservation testing program that sets you free. Tremetrics' interactive 3000 System takes care of audiometric testing and lets you concentrate on helping your employees understand the importance of protecting their hearing. Incorporating patented multimedia capabilities, the system allows you to choose various degrees of "hands-on" to "hands-free" automated hearing testing. Multimedia hearing tests can be conducted in the subject's preferred language, making evaluations even more consistent and accurate for each individual. A seamless flow of information between the RA300 Plus digital audiometer and our FOSHM Safety and Health Software allows you to start and monitor tests from the audiometer or the computer, a real time-saver if they are in separate areas.

The 3000 lets you manage your program without spending a lot of time entering information or setting up notices, forms or summary reports. Based on FOSHM's easy to use "point and click" interface, the software stores and cross-references your test data as well as the specific work noise and test environments. You get a truly accurate picture of each person's hearing profile and the tools to ensure that hearing acuity is being accurately monitored and protected

Check the extra value features

  • Multimedia hearing testing in the subject's preferred language, selectable at any time (your choice of up to five pre-recorded languages or you can custom record your own test messages in any language). Click here to hear examples click here.
  • "Hands-free" Express test mode -- automated, from computer-voice instructed testing to printout
  • Control and monitoring of tests from the audiometer or computer -- even if they are in separate rooms
  • Hearing protection choices and test conditions cross-referenced to provide more accurate hearing loss evaluations
  • Easy to use notice and form templates included in the package


3000 Interactive System Specifications


RA300 equals or exceeds ANSI S3.6-1989, qualifies as microprocessor audiometer under OSHA.

Test frequencies: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000, Hz.

Frequency accuracy: Better than 1%, crystal controlled.

Distortion: Total harmonic distortion below 40 dB (1%).

HL attenuator: 0 to 100 dB in 5 dB steps.

HL accuracy: 1 dB.

Physical: Width 13", Depth 11 ¼", Height 4 ½" (33 cm x 28.6 cm x 11.4 cm); weight 6 lb. (2.7 kg).

Power: Auto-selectable 110 – 240V, 10V, with transient suppression for power line spikes.

Computer/printer interface: RS232 port.

Data output: 600 – 19200 baud, selectable.

(For complete RA300 specifications, click here)


PC with Intel Pentium or equivalent running Windows® 95, 98 or NT with a minimum of 40 MB available space on hard disk for program and data storage, minimum 16 MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive.

Color monitor (VGA minimum).

Multimedia requirements: Sound card, microphone, speaker(s) and 1/8" stereo cable (male connector on each end).


Program software provided in PC format on CD-ROM. Sample data and training presentation included.



Description SKU # Price
RA3000 77301-0001 $4545.00
Oscar 6 77760-0001 $550.00


Shipping Charges

For orders totaling Shipping Charge
$100.00 or less $12.00
$100.01-$1000.00 $20.00
$1000.01-$2500.00 $35.00
$2500.01-$4000.00 $45.00
$4000.01-$6000.00 $60.00
$6000.01-$8000.00 Call for pricing






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