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                                              Booth Connections 

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    There are two cables which connect the audiometer to your sound room..One connects the audiometer to the headphones and the other to the audiometer handswitch. The cable which connects to the handswitch is also used to connect to your Oscar. Whenever the audiometer headphones, handswitch or Oscar does not respond, it is suggested that the booth cables be checked for proper connection. Be sure that the three-conductor cable is used for the headphones.  If the two-conductor cable is used for the headphones, no tone will be heard through one side of the headset and you will not be able to perfom your daily calibration or conduct hearing tests. 

The audiometer headphone cable which connects the booth to the audiometer is a three-conductor cable. It is pictured below and has two distinct rings.

Picture A.  Three-conductor cable

 Unplug the cable from the rear of the audiometer and check that there are two distinct rings on the tip of the plug. Unplug the audiometer headset from inside the booth and plug it directly into the back of the audiometer into the jack labeled headphones . Begin running a test.  If sound is present through the headphone, then there is a problem with the cable or the connection to the booth.  If sound is not present, there may be a problem with the headset cable and the headset should be sent for cable replacement and repair.  Lipin/Dietz Associates,  can provide one-day service for audiometer headset repairs.

To check the cable connection for the handswitch or Oscar, unplug the cable from the back of the audiometer handswitch jack. 

The audiometer response cable which connects the handswitch to the audiometer is a two-conductor cable. It has only one distinct ring and the cable is slightly thinner than the three-conductor cable.

Picture B. Two-conductor cable

 Unplug the handswitch from inside the booth and plug it directly into the handswitch jack on the back of the audiometer.  Press the handswitch button several times and look at the audiometer display.  The word Response should appear every time you depress the handswitch button.  If the handswitch does not respond, it is possible that the handswitch is defective and requires replacement.  You can order a new handswitch from Lipin/Dietz Associates and have it shipped within 24 hours.  The part number is 700002-2 and the cost is $96.00 which includes shipping and handling.


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