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Tremetrics Oscar 6 For information on performing a daily electroacoustic/biological calibration and how to use your Oscar, click here.

Tremetrics Oscar 6 For information on how an electro-acoustic ear works and  and the theory behind its operation,  click here. which will bring you to the OSCAR BASICS page.


Tremetrics RA500 Audiometer  When your audiometer will not calibrate with your Oscar, but sound is coming out of the earphone, there are several checks which might prove useful.  Turn your Oscar on and tap on the cover.  The response light should be visible every time you tap.  If it does not light, replace the battery or batteries with new alkaline batteries.  The Oscar IV and Oscar V use a 9v battery.  Earlier Oscar II and Oscar III models use 6 AA batteries. 

1. Check the power switch on the Oscar IV and Oscar V and be sure that it is in the ON position.

Oscar IV with power switch in the ON position.


  For earlier Oscars, the headset must be placed on the Oscar to turn the power on (there is a small button on the earphone coupler with is actually the power switch).

  Oscar II power switch is the button with the white ring on  left inside ring of the coupler.


When installing the new batteries, unscrew the knurled knob on the side of the Oscar and lift the cover. 


Oscar IV knurled knob is on the right top

Remove the old 9v battery and replace it with a new battery.  Be sure the replacement battery is new. 


To remove the battery, grasp the top and pull gently out of the holder.  The battery contacts on the other part of the battery will unsnap.  When inserting a new battery be sure that the battery snaps into the contacts.  It is possible to place a battery into the holder without the contacts snapping into place.  Intermittent operation of the OSCAR will result if battery is not fully inserted.

 Oscar IV with cover open

If you are using an Oscar II or Oscar III, remove two batteries at a time and note their position.  The first two batteries will be in one direction, the middle two batteries will be in the opposite direction, and the final two batteries will be in the same direction as the first set.

Oscar II with batteries inserted correctly

The diagram below shows the positioning of the batteries.

If, after replacing the battery (batteries) and turning on the power, the Oscar response still does not light when you tap on the cover, your Oscar will have to be returned for service.  Lipin/Dietz Associates can provide a free loaner Oscar should you need to send it to us for service.

If, after replacing the battery  (batteries)  the Oscar does respond, but your audiometer is still not responding, you will need to check the connections to the sound booth and audiometer. Click here for further help. 

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