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                                              Tremetrics HTPro 

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Professional Hearing Conservation Software


HT Pro Hearing Conservation Software was designed by professional hearing conservationists who understand your software requirements. HT Pro provides a user-friendly data entry environment as well as an intuitive wizard for generating reports. This software also incorporates the latest computer technology to minimize time required to maintain hearing conservation records and meet demanding government mandated requirements.

Multiple levels of security

Octave band noise reports

Internet software support

Extensive use of wizards to guide you in data entry

Powerful reporting and graphing capabilities with color printouts

Built-in Help files with detailed instructions for instant answers to software use questions

OSHA 300,300A, and 301 logging and reporting

Separate left and right baseline revisions

Automatic baseline revision

Daily biological log

PDF and e-mail reports

Wide area network capability Flexible referral reports Multilingual employee reports


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