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                                              Copy of Tremetrics AR 901 

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The new AR-901 Audiometric Test Enclosure helps eliminate that "closed-in" feeling that subjects may experience during a hearing test. This single-person booth offers the most interior space of any room in its price range and puts test subjects at ease with a full-length sound-protective glass window.

The portable AR-901 fits through most standard doorway openings and comes with locking casters, a quiet low voltage ventilation system, carpeting and optional audiometer shelf. Models are available in both right and left hand door swing and include a jack panel with six (6) 1/4" stereo connectors for audiometers and accessories. The AR-901 meets the latest OSHA requirements for hearing conservation testing programs.

These one-person booths come completely assembled, prewired, ready to use. They are compact, portable and have sufficient noise reduction capabilities for most applications


Key Benefits

  • Most interior space of any pre-assembled room in its price range
  • Expansive, sound-protective glass window 
  • Quiet, low voltage ventilation system
  • Portable, fits through standard doorway openings
  • Pre-assembled, pre-wired and ready to use
  • Exceptional noise attenuation properties - NIC of 38
  • 77" high, 40-1/2" wide, 32-1/4" deep
  • Commercial quality carpet
  • Chemical and stain resistant industrial powder coat finish
  • Shipping weight: 765 lbs. (347.7 kg.) 

Right or left hand configurations


Performance: NIC of 38. 
Available in right-hand or left-hand configurations
Door: Sound insulated steel panel with continuous rubber seal .
Door handle is inset.

 Size 40-1/2’ wide by 73-1/2” high, opening on the 40-1/2” side.

The AR 901 also includes a folding 16” x 27’ shelf and versatile jack  panel with six industry-standard (1/4”) stereo connectors for audiometers and accessories.

Ventilation: Whisper-quiet, forced air and exhaust system built into  roof and floor assembly. Noise levels with ventilation comply with ANSI standards.

Window: 17” x 60”, double glazed acoustical safety glass. 

Folding shelf: 16” x 27”

Carpet: Washable, commercial-quality carpeting.

AR 901 5409 (right-hand hinge configuration)
Door folds back to fit through standard 32” doorway opening.

AR 901 5410 (left-hand hinge configuration)

Electrical: Units are pro-wired and include a wall-mounted U.L. power 
supply for the 12 Volt DC ventilation fan. 

Exterior finish: Chemical and stain resistant industrial powder coat. 

Portability: Includes two locking and two non-locking casters. 
Isolation: Permanently mounted rubber vibration isolators (optional). 


Exterior dimensions:

77” high, 40-1/2” wide, 32-1/4”deep (195.6 cmx 102.9 cmx 81.9 cm)

Interior dimensions 
65-3/4” high, 35-3/4” wide, 28”deep (167 cm x 90.8 cm x 71.1 cm). 

Shipping weight: 765 lbs. (347.7 kg). 



Description SKU # Price
Tremetrics AR901 Hearing Test Enclosure -Right Hinged Door 19700-0020 $3395.00
Tremetrics AR901 Hearing Test Enclosure -Left  Hinged Door 19700-0021 $3395.00
Booth Chair 19700-0013 $150.00


Booths are shipped common carrier for either loading dock or tailgate delivery. Shipping charges are quoted on an order-by-order basis to reflect both distance and delivery type. Contact our sales office for specific delivery charges.


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