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                                              System 3000 Troubleshooting 

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System 3000 – Troubleshooting



____ Power ____ Baud Rate – PC

____ Cable ____ Baud Rate – RA300

____ RA300 device selected – PC ____ SPECIAL 5 set to FOSHM (if available)

____ Communication Port – PC ____ RA300 Communication Mode


____ Communication Port –


Detailed Instructions:

1. Verify that the RA300 is turned on and operating. If not operating, turn the RA300 off for 10 seconds, turn back on, and try communicating again. Verify that the power outlet is functioning.

2. Verify that a RS232 cable (9 or 25-pin female connection for the PC and a 25-pin male connection for the RA300) is connected to both the PC and the RA300. If not, obtain a serial cable as described above, connect to both devices and try  communicating again.

3. In FOSHM, verify that the RA300 is the selected device and the Communication Port used on the PC is the same Port selected in the FOSHM settings (shown as COM 1, COM 2, etc.). To check the FOSHM settings, from the Menu Bar at the top, choose Setup>System>Device Selection, verify that you are on the Audiometry Tab with the RA300 device selected. If the RA300 is selected, then select [Set COMM] to verify the following information:

· Baud Rate = 19200;

· Data bits = 8;

· Parity = None; and

· Stop Bits = 1.

If any settings are incorrect, or you are unsure if the Port is being used by another device (i.e. a modem), contact the computer department for help, correct the settings and try communicating again.

4. From the RA300 display panel, verify that [SPECIAL] [5] [Enter] has "SETUP FOR FOSHM INTERFACE OK?" selected. If it does not show "FOSHM", select [NO] until you reach "FOSHM", select [YES] or [Enter] and try communicating again.


If the FOSHM Interface selection is not available with SPECIAL 5, you will see the message "PRINT IS SET FOR COMPUTER OK?". You will then need to check the following:

· Select [SPECIAL] [7] [Enter] to verify or to set the Baud Rate to 19200.

Select "BAUD 19200 OK Y/N?". Use the [NO] key until "BAUD 19200 OK Y/N?" is displayed. Press [Enter].

· In addition, select [SPECIAL] [15] [Enter] to select "SEL RS232 COM MODE / IGNORE HANDSHAKE Y/N?". Use the [NO] key until "SET RS232 COM MODE / IGNORE HANDSHAKE Y/N?" is displayed. Press [YES] to proceed to the next step.

· Select "SEND RS232 DATA AS / MESSAGE IS COMPLETED". Use the [NO] key until "SEND RS232 DATA AS / MESSAGE IS COMPLETED" is displayed. Press [Enter].

Try communicating again.

5. Reset both the PC and the RA300. To reset the RA300 turn it off and back on.

Turn off the PC after properly shutting it down and turning it back on again. Try communicating again.

6. If you still are unable to establish communications, contact Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.  for help.


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