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                                              Copy of Tremetrics RE-120 

 Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

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For accurate results, a quiet testing environment is necessary so the subject's responses are not affected by ambient noises. Tremetrics offers the RE-120, designed specifically for clinics and industrial facilities. These one-person booths come completely assembled, prewired, ready to use. They are compact, portable and have sufficient noise reduction capabilities for most applications. Choose from right or left hand door swing configurations to match your specific testing requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Most interior space of any pre-assembled room in its price range
  • Expansive, sound-protective glass window 
  • Quiet, low voltage ventilation system
  • Portable, fits through standard doorway openings
  • Pre-assembled, pre-wired and ready to use
  • Exceptional noise attenuation properties - NIC of 38
  • 77" high, 40-1/2" wide, 32-1/4" deep
  • Chemical and stain resistant industrial powder coat finish
  • Shipping weight: 765 lbs. (347.7 kg.) 


With the proper selection of location the RE-120 meets requirements of ANSI S3.1-1991 for covered-ears audiometric testing in the 500-8000 test bands.

Right or left hand configurations  clear-opening on the 39" side with continuous magnetiDoor: 34" wide by 68" high,c seal. Available in right or left-hand hinge configurations.

Window: 18" x 24" double glazed, acoustical sealed safety glass.

Ventilation: Silenced forced air system built into roof. Noise levels with ventilation comply with ANSI standards.

Lighting: Recessed incandescent light.

Electrical: Units are pre-wired and include a grounded 12' power cable with hospital-grade plug.

Jack panel: Standard configuration includes six 1/4" stereo phone jacks.

Portability: Includes two locking casters and two non-locking casters.

Carpet: Commercial quality carpeting.

Dimensions: Height 79", Width 29", Depth 39". Weight 650 lbs.

Power: 120 volts, 60 Hz. Optional 230 Volts, 50 Hz.

Options: Vibration isolation system, padded bench and interior wall mounted arm rest

Commercial quality carpet



Description SKU # Price
Tremetrics RE120 Hearing Test Enclosure -Right Hinged Door 19700-0011 $3450.00
Tremetrics RE120 Hearing Test Enclosure -Left  Hinged Door 19700-0022 $3450.00
Padded Stool 19700-0012 $150.00


Booths are shipped common carrier for either loading dock or tailgate delivery. Shipping charges are quoted on an order-by-order basis to reflect both distance and delivery type. Contact our sales office for specific delivery charges.



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