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                                              Quest Sound Level Meters 

 Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

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Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. Lipin/Dietz Associates offers a full line of noise measurement and exposure monitoring instrumentation, including Sound Level Meters, Noise Dosimeters, Octave Band Analyzers and information management software. Our engineering staff can recommend the appropriate instrument for your measurement needs or you can reference the selection chart by clicking here.


Sound Level Meters

Quest sound level meters range from Basic Type 2 sound level meters for general purpose applications to Precision Type 1 sound level meters with octave band filters for the most complex applications.

Typical Sound Level Meter Applications Include:

  • Occupational Noise Measurement and Compliance
  • Environmental Noise Measurement and Compliance
  • Noise Ordinance Enforcement
  • Community Noise Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Frequency Analysis and Calibration
  • Audiometer Analysis and Calibration
  • Engineering Control Studies
  • Machine Performance Analysis
  • Maintenance Inspections and Troubleshooting
  • Product Testing

Basic Sound Level Meters


The Quest Technologies 210 model is an entry level "Basic" sound level meter. It provides basic noise measurement options, a very competitive price, and the Red/Rugged/Reliable performance associated with all Quest products. 

1100_2100ac.jpg (91221 bytes) Quest Model 1100 & 2100 Sould Level Meters

The Quest Technologies 1100/1200 models are mid-range "Basic" sound level meters. Simple slide switches and large buttons promote ease of operation, while the easy to read LCD display provides a clear and concise view of the data.

1200_2200_r2.jpg (12088 bytes) Quest Model 1200 & 2200 Impulse Integrating Sound Level Meters

The Quest Technologies 1100/1200 models are mid-range "Basic" sound level meters.The rugged 1200/2200 series of sound level meters are ideal for use in laboratory, community, military, and industrial environments.


Advanced Sound Level Meters



  Quest Model SE Pro Sound Level Meter



  Quest Model DLX Pro Sound Level Meter



Municipal Noise Enforcement


Quest SoundPatrol DP Series


Quest Technologies SoundPatrol DP 1200 (Class 1) and SoundPatrol DP 2200 (Class 2) integrating impulse sound level meters with digital printing capabilities were created especially for Noise Ordinace Enforcement.


 For additional information contact Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

Telephone (203) 453-8888



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