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Quest Technologies 1200/2200  sound level meters

The Quest Technologies 1200/2200 models are high end "Basic" sound level meters. They provide a wide array of sound measurement options, a very competitive price, and the Red/Rugged/Reliable performance associated with all Quest products.

Simple slide switches and large buttons promote ease of operation, while the easy to read LCD display provides a clear and concise view of the data.

The rugged 1200/2200 series of sound level meters are ideal for use in laboratory, community, military, and industrial environments.

  • Type 1 (1200) or Type 2 (2200)
  • Wide 70dB operating range
  • (3) Range settings: 30-100, 50-120, or 70-140dB
  • (5) Operating modes: SPL, LEQ, RT, MAX, Min, or %OL
  • (3) Weighting options: "A", "B", or "C"
  • (4) Responses: Fast, Slow, Peak, or Impulse
  • Simple One-Button calibration
  • Field replaceable .52" microphone
  • AC/DC output jack for peripheral devices
  • 25 hour runtime on one 9V battery
  • Remote Microphone capable
Description SKU # Price
Quest 1200 Q-1200 Contact for pricing
Quest 1200R Remote Sound Level Meter  Q-1200R  
Quest 1200-10  Sound Level Meter Kit with QC-20 Calibrator Q-1200-20  
Quest 1200R-10  Remote Sound Level Meter Kit with QC-20 Calibrator Q-1200R-20  
Quest 2200  Q-2200  
Quest 2200R Remote Sound Level Meter  Q-2200R  
Quest 2200-10  Sound Level Meter Kit with QC-10 Calibrator Q-2200-10  
Quest 2200R-10  Remote Sound Level Meter Kit with QC-10 Calibrator Q-2200R-10  


For orders totaling Shipping Charge
$100.00 or less $10.00
$100.01-$1000.00 $20.00
$1000.01-$2500.00 $30.00
$2500.01-$4000.00 $40.00
$4000.01-$6000.00 $55.00
$6000.01-$8000.00 $65.00
$8000.01-$10,000.00 $75.00
over $10,000.00 $100.00




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