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                                              Tremetrics HT-550 Audiometer 

 Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

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Tremetrics Announces New HT-550 Wizard™ Audiometer

New Audiometer revolutionizes Occupational Hearing Testing

April  22, 2001 -- Tremetrics has introduced the HT-550 Wizard™ Audiometer...a revolutionary  new audiometer that incorporates the very latest in computer technology and multi-media application to insure total OSHA compliance; all in one convenient, aesthetically pleasing design. This audiometer incorporates new technology that will set the standard for audiometers developed in the 21st century. 

 Imagine an audiometer that completely performs ALL hearing testing functions including audiometer setup, audible instruction and error re-instruction (in seven languages), data collection and baseline analysis.  Simply stated, the user needs only to start the audiometer and the instrument performs the instruction, testing and analysis automatically.  Setup, testing, and patient errors are automatically detected and the audiometer audibly re-instructs and retests the patient with minimal user intervention. 

Consider an audiometer that automatically matches its headset  with the audiometer, detects crossed left and right earphones or bad cable connections and allows your Oscar to compare its current and baseline tests.  It can monitor and record real-time ambient noise levels and gives you tools to verify correct audiometer setup.  Never again will it be necessary to troubleshoot malfunctions; the audiometer does it for you and  displays  all errors. A validation report documenting its setup can be automatically printed.

With a color 10.4 inch active matrix easy touch display, the instrument presents data in a colorful easy-to-view format and data entry is as simple as touching the screen. Easy-to-use menus guide you through the test setup with an intuitive feel making test operation quick and easy with minimal training.

Additional features of the HT-550 includes raw data dump, upload and download capability, graphs with Baseline printing, an adaptive testing mode, upload and download capability, print on completion function, PTS and STS Categorization, alarms, fast internal printer, external printer capability, security and auto retest capability. 

The 21st century is here.  Are you ready to embrace 21st century technology and take your hearing conservation program to the next level? For further information or to arrange for a demonstration of this remarkable audiometer, contact our sales office at (203) 453-8888 or jot us an email at sales@lipindietz.com.

For More Information Contact:

Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.
100 Water Street, Guilford, CT 06437
Tel: 203 453-8888
FAX: 203 453-8583
Email: rdietz@lipindietz.com


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