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                                              PB100 Operation 

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Entering Patient Data
1. Turn on the power switch. Momentarily, the Spirometer will ask you for patient information. If the power switch is already on, press NEW PATIENT.

2. Type patient's ID number and press ENTER.

3. Type patient's age and press ENTER.

4. Type patient's height (in inches) and press ENTER.

5. Select patient's sex and press ENTER.

6. Type patient's weight and press ENTER.

7. For race adjustment press 1. Otherwise, press ENTER.

8. Select patient's smoking status and press ENTER.

9. Type room temperature and press ENTER.

If you make a mistake....

If you make a mistake while entering data, use the arrow and number keys to edit the screen. If you make a mistake after data entry is complete, press EDIT, and repeat the instructions above.


Testing begins after the patient data is entered or by pressing TEST. Then:

Press 1 FVC Forced Vital Capacity

Press 2 MVV Maximum Voluntary Ventilation

Press 3 FYL Flow-Volume Loop

Press 4 CAL Calibration Check

Post - Medication Testing

After completing all of the pre- medication (baseline) testing on the current patient, and administering the medication, begin post-medication testing. Press the 6 = POST key. Confirm your choice by selecting 1 = YES. Press ENTER. Then choose same test type as in pre-test.


If you want to do post-medication testing on a patient whose pre-medication results are stored only on the memory card...

1. Press TEST.

2. Press 8 Recall.

3. If you remember the patient's ID number, select 2 = ENTER ID. Press ENTER. Enter the patient's ID number. Press ENTER. Continue with post-med testing.


4. If you do not remember the patient's ID number, select 1 = SCROLL. Press ENTER. Use arrow keys to scroll through the stored patient D's. When the ID number of the desired patient is displayed, press ENTER to recall that patient's data. Continue with post-med testing.


(Current Patient)


1. Press PRINT SEND.

2. Press ENTER for best test summary.

3. Press ENTER to print.


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