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                                              PB100 - Deleting Saved Patients 

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Deleting Saved Patient Data From Memory

Patient reports that are saved on the memory card can be deleted as a group or one at a time. It is very important that you do not remove or install the memory card while the spirometer is turned on.

1. Press TEST

2. Press DELETE (9)

3. Select MCARD (2) to delete reports from the memory card and then press ENTER.

4. You will have two deletion choices; you can delete all the data or you can delete specific individuals.

To delete all data, select ALL (1) to delete all reports from memory, then press ENTER  and then press any other function key to exit the delete mode. All data on the memory card is now deleted.

If your only want to delete specific individuals, select SELECT (2) to select an individual patient and press ENTER. To select a specific patient for deletion, use the arrow keys to scroll through the patient ID numbers until you find the desired patient.  Then press ENTER. This patient's data is now deleted. Use the arrow keys again to find the next patient for deletion. Or press another function key to exit delete mode.


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