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 Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

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Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. offers a number of consulting services for   Occupational Health Manager® software users, who require an independent assessment of their instrument interfacing, report modifications  and module set-up audits.  Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. is not affiliated with, or endorsed, licensed, or sponsored by Unique Software Solutions, Inc. nor are we limited with only software resources.  

As an independent  agency,  we  provide Occupational Health Manager® software users an objective, third party assessment of  total system performance  employing instrument specific software diagnostic tools developed by  audiometer, spirometer and vision tester manufacturers. These tools enable us to quickly and accurately set up your instrument interfacing and identify possible hardware and software conflicts; problems that can significantly impair software functionality or prevent full OSHA compliance.

Our exclusive training agendas are user-oriented and  include detailed instruction on both the use of  screening instrumentation as well as module software set-up, maintenance and use. This translates into quick, real-world transition for our users. We get you up and running with both your equipment and your software quickly and with user confidence..

Recent changes in OSHA  reporting requirements for hearing conservation mandate revised recordability criteria implementation and baseline updating.  Lipin/Dietz can review your current OHM™ settings,  update baseline audiograms -both  OSHA recordable baselines and STS baselines -  provide assistance with module set-up screens and bring your hearing conservation program into current compliance.

When instrumentation set-up and training is required, we can provide assistance for the following modules:

  • Hearing Conservation
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Drug/Alcohol Screening
  • Case Management
  • Encounter Log
  • Vaccinations
  • Absenteeism
  • Pulmonary Function
  • Wellness/Health Promotion
  • Scheduler

Instrument interfacing, set-up and training is available for:

  • Audiometers
  • Spirometers
  • Vision Testers

Module set-up assistance, automatic report settings and program audits are available for:

  • Hearing Conservation
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Case Management
  • Encounter Log
  • Pulmonary Function
  • Vision Testers

Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. nor its services are affiliated with, or endorsed, licensed, or sponsored by Unique Software Solutions, Inc.  Unique Software Solutions own all rights, including copyrights and trademark rights to the Occupational Health Manager™ and Names.  Direct sales of OHM™ products and warranty support must be contracted directly with Unique Software Solutions. Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. is NOT  responsible for the performance of OHM™ software applications, or for quality of Unique Software Solutions service issues resulting from their use.

Occupational Health Manager® is a registered trademark of Unique Software Solutions.

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