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      Web News And New Products


January 15, 2008

Tremetrics RA400 Important Note

The Tremetrics RA400 Audiometer has been out of production for almost 10 years and there are no spare parts available. Those RA400's that were Y2K upgraded have a calibration plate on the bottom of the audiometer.  This plate indicates that the last year that the audiometer can be calibrated is 2010.  

Beginning January 2011, the RA400 audiometer will not properly document calibration and should not be used for any OSHA mandated testing.  Use of this audiometer beyond 2011 places test documentation at risk.  

The Tremetrics RA400 audiometer was not designed, nor is it supported by the manufacturer, to be used beyond 2011. We will not be providing calibration services for the RA400 beyond 2010 nor will we provide calibration for any RA400 that has not been Y2K upgraded.  

RA400 Paper  

September 21, 2006

The new Noise Resources tab at the top of our website provides useful resources for the Hearing Conservationist.  Many of these resources are links or programs that were developed by other federal agencies that support research for noise-related issues.



Recent Website Changes

The Quest sound level meter page has been updated to include the new SoundPartol noise enforcement system.

Our Titmus Vision Screener pages have been updated to include the new iSeries instruments.

The Technical Tips page has been updated to include a sample occupational health center format Daily Audiometer Biological Calibration Reference Sheet.  Use this sample to log daily OSHA mandated audiomter calibration checks if you are an occupational health clinic or have an industrial hearing conservation program.  

The Technical Tips page has been updated to include a sample DOD Format Daily Audiometer Biological Calibration Reference Sheet.  Use this sample to log daily OSHA mandated audiomter calibration checks if you are a military clinic using the DOD recommended format.  

Are you looking to set up your RA500 audiometer to automatically determine if an employee has an STS?  Click here to learn more.

Product  Updates 

EarShield™ Earphone covers are now available. Click here to learn more.

Need to connect your Renaissance II Spirometer to OHM® or Medgate software? Our Spirometer Data Switch is the answer to increased reporting flexibility.  Click here to learn more.

The 2005 Benson Next audiometer has arrived.

Contact us today to reserve one for you!

A Titmus vision tester identification page is now available to identify your current vision tester. Depicted are three popular models with their manufacture date history. Vision Tester Identification

The Web Links page has been updated and there is now a reference chart for telephone area codes.

Web News

tunnel.gif (50327 bytes) [New!] New OSHA hearing conservation rules for STS evaluation and recording are now in effect.  A new tab now appears as OSHA Issues.  This section is dedicated specifically to issues related to Hearing Conservation Programs and is the result of issues encountered as a result of the changes in STS recordability.   

     [New!]      To examine a sample community noise ordinance click here. 
geo.gif (56991 bytes)      CAOHC Course Schedule 
                      See the CAOHC Website for more details.
compmatr.gif (63584 bytes)     Additions have been incorporated into our Technical Tips section of this web including how to unpack an AR-901 booth when it arrives on your shipping dock. See Technical Tips for more details. 
    Tremetrics designs Oscar 7/RA650 Interface
                        See the Oscar 7/650 Press Release for more details.
    Tremetrics unveils revolutionary Wizard™ audiometer
                        See the Tremetrics Press Release for more details.
 fdny.jpg (7081 bytes)       A tribute to those affected by the events of September 11, 2001
Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.  offers its  deepest  condolences to  those affected  recent  tragic  events. and in particular to families and members of the New York City Fire Department; one of  our valued customers who sustained significant personal loss. Our slide tribute can be viewed by clicking  A global reflection  This Powerpoint presentation will take several minutes to download.



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