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FOSHM™ Health & Safety SoftwareFoshm file cabinet graphic

Keep your department's schedules and records at your fingertips.

For Additional screen shots click here: Screen Shots

For a listing of all reports available using FOSHM click here: FOSHM Reports


• Easy to use "point and click" format with "look-up" tables minimizes data entry • Compatible with PCs running Windows® 95 or Windows 3.1.

• Comprehensive filters for importing records from existing occupational health database programs. Information overload is happening everywhere, just look at your desk. Stuffed file cabinets and hours of tedious recordkeeping can overwhelm even the most organized occupational health professional. The solution? Start managing your organization’s employee health records with a cost-effective, PC-based software system. FOSHM (Focus on Occupational Safety & Health Management™ ) is Tremetrics’ comprehensive Windows-based program that makes it easy to store and access employee health data and OSHA-required records.

Industry–proven software packages

Unlike many companies who have recently entered the health testing/software field, Tremetrics has been providing innovative systems for over 30 years. The FOSHM program has been designed by our software specialists in cooperation with corporate medical staff. Working together we have developed an easy to follow, practical method for storing and retrieving data in each area of your health program, much like a very efficient electronic file cabinet — with no duplication of core data. And by saving your files electronically, they become instantly available for viewing, cross-referencing, sorting, or printing. W h a t ’s more, this up-to-date inform a t i o n becomes simultaneously available to anyone authorized to access it — in your office or throughout your computer network.

The smart choice for today and tomorrow

Efficient — Imagine being able to transfer health testing data from your audiometers, spirometers, vision testers, breath alcohol analyzers automatically and then store the records in one convenient place. Cost-effective — FOSHM software can be customized to your requirements. It’s organized in modules so you can choose as few or as many as you need to fit your individual program — and your budget.

Easy to use — Even if you have never used a computer, the self-prompting "point and click" access to customized "look-up" tables* helps you start building a valid program immediately. Ask about scheduling a demonstration to see these FOSHM advantages, first-hand. Innovative — Experience the new, patented "multimedia" capability † of Tremetrics RA300 audiometer module that allows you to conduct computer-voice instructed hearing testing right from your FOSHM screen. This revolutionary, hands-free approach uses the computer to interactively conduct and monitor tests. 

Complete customer support

With FOSHM, you have the backing of Tremetrics, a proven leader in occupational health products with a worldwide network of experienced representatives. You can call us. We create our own software so we have knowledgeable people on staff dedicated to help you should questions arise.

For Additional screen shots click here: Screen Shots



Program diskettes are provided in PC format.

Sample data is included to demonstrate program functions.


PC running Windows 95 or 3.1 with a minimum of 40 MB available space on hard disk for p rogram and data storage, 8 MB RAM.

Input/Output: One serial port (RS232C) and one parallel port for printer.

* Descriptions of job classifications, injury/illness codes, work/safety restrictions, etc.

† U.S. Patent No. 5,811,681


Description SKU # Price
FOSHM for Windows Module w/all current modules 77670-0001 $4995.00


For orders totaling Shipping Charge
$100.00 or less $10.00
$100.01-$1000.00 $20.00
$1000.01-$2500.00 $30.00
$2500.01-$4000.00 $40.00
$4000.01-$6000.00 $55.00
$6000.01-$8000.00 $65.00
$8000.01-$10,000.00 $75.00
over $10,000.00 $100.00



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