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                                              Eckel AB-2000 Audiometric Booth 

 Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

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Eckel AB-2000 

Eckel Audiometric Booths are the most practical and economic units available - high quality audiometric booths specially engineered to provide outstanding acoustic performance. The advanced design of the Eckel unit features all-welded unitized construction, acoustic integrity, as well as durability, is thereby ensured. No other audiometric booth on the market offers this superior construction and quality. The booth is delivered fully assembled, ready to use, and will readily pass through a 30” clear opening doorway. The large overlapping side entry door with continuous magnetic seals allows the person being tested to enter and exit easily. Standard features include lighting, carpeting, vibration isolators, universal jack panel (adaptable to any audiometer), and forced air ventilation.


                               Interior                    Exterior

                             L         D       H     L         D      H

AB-2000 36"     28"      68" 40"      32"      75"
mm 914    711  1727 1016  813   1905

dB noise reduction: (1/3 Octave Center Frequency) as tested by an independent laboratory per ASTM 596-77
Hz  125  250  500  1000  2000  4000  8000
       17    28    38      46     >52   >54   >54 

Eckel Audiometric Booths feature unique all-steel, all-welded construction as standard. Wall thickness is 2” with I6 ga exterior, 22 ga perforated interior. Knock-down construction is available as a special order.

2 1/2" thick overlapping door with continuous perimeter magnetic seals. Door hinges are cam-rise post and socket so that door may be easily removed.

21” x 20” double glazed acoustic glass and polycarbonate in continuous gasket with moisture control dessicant.

Silenced forced air ventilation is standard. Ventilation is activated when light is turned on. Noise levels with ventilation comply with ANSI standards.

Unit is pre-wired and includes 8’ 3-wire extension cord which plugs into booth, Lighting fixture incorporates light/fan switch. Light is swivel type with 25 watt incandescent bulb.

Standard jack panel includes four ¼” N I I 2B phone jacks with plugs.  Additional connectors available as accessories for most applications.

Standard finish is textured polyurethane enamel. Standard color is beige. Other colors are available at additional cost.


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