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 Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.

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Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc.Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. offers a wide selection of quality audiometers, specifically designed to meet your needs. We have a highly successful OSHA compliance experience in developing an economical approach to your hearing conservation program needs. Whether your requirements are for testing 100 employees or 10,000 employees, Lipin/Dietz can recommend the audiometer best suited to administer your testing, quickly, accurately and within full OSHA compliance.



Benson Medical Next Audiometer

  • The Benson Medical Next Audiometer.  Contact us today to reserve your instrument.  
Easy-to-use color touchscreen operation
  • Test and error instructions delivered through test headset in twelve languages
  • Ample data storage and user-defined data fields
  • Exceptionally easy paper loading




Benson Medical CCA-200mini  Plus Industrial Audiometer


Bring the power of the latest in intelligent automation to your audiometric testing. The Benson Medical CCA-200mini delivers extraordinary advantages over conventional microprocessor audiometers and offers an effective, complete compliance package for OSHA- and MSHA-compliant hearing conservation programs.


  • Simple, one-button activation, intuitive software for Windows®,.

  • innovative IntelliTesting™ features deliver the fastest and most automatic audiogram available to date.

  • Delivers a variety of  reports (full-page), superior data management

  • Has unlimited storage

  • Multilingual notification letters and medical history questionnaires (in 18 languages).





Benson CCA-220 audiometer  Benson Medical CCA-220 Industrial Audiometer
  • "Hearing Conservation in a Box" simplifies OSHA compliance.
  • Fast, full-page reports with demographic and exposure data on standard paper.
  • Back up all your data with convenient back up button and built-in floppy drive.
  • Test and error instructions delivered through test headset in multiple languages.
  • Stores unlimited number of subjects and audiograms.
  • Operates with leading hearing conservation databases.






HT Wizard audiometer   Tremetrics HT-550  Wizard™ Audiometer 

  • The revolutionary Tremetrics  HT-550 Wizard™ audiometer sets the standard for 21st century audiometers.   
  • Advanced microprocessor and multi-media design 
  • Multi-language subject instruction 
  • Large, active-matrix touch-entry display 
  • Intuitive menu selection


Tremetrics RA500 audiometer  Tremetrics RA500 Microprocessor Audiometer

  • Advanced microprocessor audiometer allows you to customize your hearing testing programIntegrated touch-sensitive alpha-numeric keyboard
  • Enter up to 25 custom test questions as well as company name, location and subject data
  • 1200 audiogram storage and disk backup capability
  • Retrieve baselines from your computer and provide detailed audiogram records
  • Choice of OSHA, Canadian or other specific protocol criteria
  • Large LCD screen lets you monitor complete test status as it occurs
  • Internal high-quality printer
  • Built-in talk-over microphone
  • RS232C interface


Tremetrics RA300 audiometer Tremetrics RA300 Audiometer

  • Meet ANSI and OSHA requirements
  • Complete tests in as little as three minutes
  • Automatic daily biological check with OSCAR
  • RS232C computer/printer interface
  • Flexible reporting formats


Tremetrics RA650 audiometerTremetrics RA650 Audiometer Testing System
  • One operator can simultaneously manage eight tests (48 tests per hour) from PC or laptop
  • Advanced software adapts automatically with difficult-to-test subjects
  • Computer-voice instructed testing and monitoring (US Patent #6,416,482; #6,468,224; #5,811,681)
  • Individual and group audiogram printouts
  • Interfaces with FOSHM or other PC data management software
  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual testing options
  • Automatic pre-test instructions (US Patent #6,416,482; #6,468,224; #5,811,681)
  • Multi-media hearing testing in the subject's preferred language (US Patent #6,416,482; #6,468,224; #5,811,681


Tremetrics 3000 audiometer testing systemTremetrics 3000 Audiometer Testing System
  • System includes a seamless flow of information between the RA300+ digital audiometer and FOSHM software
  • Choose various degrees of "hands-on" to "hands-free" testing
  • Control and monitor tests from the audiometer or computer - saves time when they are in separate rooms
  • Multi-media testing and computer-voiced instructions in your subject's preferred language (6 languages available or custom-record your own)
  • Hearing protection choices and test conditions cross-referenced to provide more accurate hearing loss evaluations


Maico MA800 audiometer Maico MA-800

  • Effective June 15, 2009 we were notified that the MA-800 has been discontinued and is no longer in production.  As of June 29, 2009 there are no instruments available in factory inventory.
  • The recommended replacement for the MA-800 is the Tremetrics RA-500 or the Benson Next Audiometer.


Company Profile

Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. is a Connecticut corporation located in the center of Guilford, Connecticut. Our staff includes engineering and medical personnel factory-trained to service and support the latest in medical surveillance instrumentation.  Lipin/Dietz Associates, Inc. is a small, woman-owned business and an equal opportunity employer.

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TELEPHONE (203) 453-8888


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