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D.B. Webster - A presentation that outlines some of the neural plasticity research of D.B. and Molly Westster.
  • How does auditory depravation affect ones hearing? 
  •  What are the consequences of sensory depravation and what are the mechanisms that underline neural plasticity?

           Click here to view this presentation.




Communication performance assessment - Modified Rhyme Test
  • Speech communication can be critical  in environments requiring full body protection such as during a HAZMAT emergency.   
  •   How does one quantify communication performance for speech conveyance and intelligibility when wearing a full-facepiece air-purifying respirator?

           Click here to examine a procedure for evaluating such communications that utilizes the Modified Rhyme Test.




Vocal misuse can result in damaged vocal cords and can lead to larynx disorders. 

  •   For an illustration of inappropriate pitch and glottal fry with vocal endoscopy samples , click here.




 Fire safety

  •  Fire safety is an important issue for everyone, but fire safety is especially important for the hearing impaired.

  •           Click here to view an important presentation of Fire Safety and considerations for the hearing impaired.




Mystic Aquarium Noise Study
  • Not only humans are affected by exposure to excessive noise.
  •  Early in my doctoral studies at UCONN,  I coordinated a noise exposure study at Mystic Aquarium as part of an industrial hearing conservation course.  For a look at this study, click here


  • Auditory rehabilitation for the noised-induced hearing loss patient is not a simple amplification issue.  Patients with noise-induced hearing loss often experience loss of OHC motility and the reduction of the effectiveness of the cochlear amplifier, broader tuning curves, the development of cochlear dead regions, neural atrophy and subsequent central processing anomalies that make speech understanding in noise difficult. 
  • Restoring auditory function involves a broad-based aural rehabilitation intervention plan that often includes appropriate amplification and communication strategies.  Full auditory restoration is seldom possible.  Hearing loss prevention is the best strategy for preserving normal hearing ability.
Hearing loss prevention for young adults
  •           I recently received an email from Deaf Linx- an organizations that is fighting autism through empowerment and education, to post the following link on our webpage.  
  •           This is a well written article that outlines some simple preventative measures that apply to all adults - both young and old.  You are never too young or old to protect your hearing. 
  •            The article can be reached by clicking on the following hyperlink: http://www.headphones.com/protect-your-ears.html





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